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Forget the old custom that the product should be tested on the forearm, since this area is usually darker than the face; Better apply it on the chest. Most bases oxidize throughout the day and darken more when they react with skin oils. Therefore, the color you choose should be a little lighter, but not more than one tone.

Decide the texture

Your skin type and age play a key role in this part of the process, as they are the factors that will decide the finish you require. Matte bases are ideal for mixed or oily skin, because if you apply one with a shine effect, it will increase its oily appearance.

On the other hand, the bases with glow effect (shine) are the best for skins with dry tendency, since they will give them more life and a radiant appearance. Satin finishes look good on mature skin, because they hide expression lines. On the contrary, the matt bases, being dry, will highlight wrinkles and imperfections. Avoid them if you are over 40 years old.

Be careful with the base of the neck and the hairline, in these areas the contrast of tones is noticed and reveals that you wear makeup.

After applying the last two filters, analyze what your needs are. Currently, these are some of the most common characteristics among the products on the market:

Anti-sagging: For dry skin that when you wake up they look tired and without light.

Synchro Skin Glow by Shiseido, smart makeup that adapts to any skin tone and type.

Sunscreen: Much of the beauty products contain it, because it never hurts a little more UV protection. Important: that your base is not the only source of SPF you use on the day.








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